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"Speak My Truth & Make a Difference": How to Stop Quiet Quitting & Keep Top Talent

So, you want me to stay at your company?

Here’s what it will take: 👇🏼

🔹 Provide an environment where I can be myself and speak my truth. Trying to fit the mold that's acceptable to you is just EXHAUSTING! 😫

🔹 Give me the opportunity to make a difference; to do big work, to matter.

🔹 Make our company a no assholes zone. Seriously, do you not know about the big egos who work here?

🔹 Drive our company toward a bigger purpose than just making a profit. Be a caring and responsible community member – locally and globally.

🔹 Hold me accountable for results – yes! But give me freedom about where, when, and how I get them.

🔹 Appreciate me. Make it meaningful. Celebrate my impact.

🔹 Recognize the value of women by giving them equal pay. Sidenote: Why are we still having this conversation?

🔹 Allow me to have boundaries; to step away from work and emails when I’m done for the day/off for the day/on a break/my child needs me/I’m on vacation.

🔹 Honor female, black, Indigenous, people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or sometimes questioning), intersex, asexual, and neurodiverse employees by putting them in charge of key projects, important decisions, and revenue-generating businesses.

🔹 Give me growth and development opportunities and lots of them.

🔹 Oh, and by the way, when we interviewed you said you'd ask for my ideas… I’m still waiting.

The gender-specific pronoun in front of CEO is a nod to 93.8% of CEOs (S&P 500) being male (January, 2022). Given that women make up 50.1% of the workforce (December, 2021), please join me in being appalled at this statistic! 😲😲😲


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