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Is This Meeting Necessary? A Flowchart to Help You Decide and Slash Wasted Time

Too many meetings on your calendar? 📅

Many of you are spending 30% of your time, or more, in meetings.

In a recent HBR article (link in comments), the authors say we schedule and attend more meetings than we'd like due to:

  • Meeting FOMO - Do you have an unsustainable desire to be involved in everything? Is this part of your desire to be an 'ideal' employee?

  • Selfish Urgency - Are you more focused on your own needs and schedule than those of your teams and colleagues?

  • Using meetings as commitment devices - Are you using meetings simply as a means of following up on projects and promises?

  • Merely urgent effect - Are you asking whether the meeting is important, and not merely urgent?

And my personal favorite - We all KNOW a meeting to be a waste of time, but we believe we're the only one who recognizes this.

Let's gather feedback on our meetings to make them more productive and perhaps less frequent.

Below is a great flowchart from Duke Corporate Education to help you decide whether a meeting is really necessary.

Do you need someone to figure out if you need to hold a meeting?


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