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Nikki Barua

Nikki Barua

CEO, BeyondCurious

Speaker, Author

Robin is a magician. She has the ability to solve the most complex challenges in record time and make it look effortless. She brings a powerful combination of strategic thinking, execution excellence and people skills. Her innate curiosity coupled with her emotional intelligence enables her to get to the root cause of any business challenge at light speed. Robin helped me accomplish big goals, and provided me with expert perspective on a variety of business issues. She is the ultimate "CEO whisperer" helping business leaders build great organizations and achieve outstanding results. 


Harold Urman


Vital Research

To be perfectly honest, Robin saved me. After my business partner of 35 years retired I was left to run the company alone. I was lost and unable to grasp my professional role and purpose and struggled to figure out how to move forward. As an executive coach, Robin helped me figure out the path that was best for me. She facilitated me through a professional journey that I don't believe I could have accomplished on my own. What I appreciated most was her ability to take what I saw as a sea of confusion and help me navigate to a place of clarity.

Robin is a highly talented leadership coach. Her passion for people is evident and I feel lucky to have the privilege to work with her!  I started working with Robin when I went through a job transition and she was an integral part of that journey. I was just promoted again (yay!) and I'm so glad to she'll be there to support me as I take on my new responsibilities. I've been working with Robin for over 15 months at this point and  whether I’m navigating the challenges of leadership, or looking for a strategic approach to a problem, Robin’s years of leadership experience always delivers. She is approachable, responsive and trustworthy. I appreciate that she is direct and can be a voice of calm and strength in adversity. She has greatly impacted my life and helped me to recognize and take steps to realize my potential.

Abigail Allen

Abby Allen

Director of Operations

Dallas, TX

The thing I love about Robin is that she prodded me to step back, clarify my goals, and take a broader view of the options available to achieve them. We spent quite a bit of time developing my skills. But Robin also helped me hone a strategy to navigate my career. It's paid incredible dividends and has been much more effective than the path I would have taken on my own. I continue to reconnect with her around key transition points or high-impact decisions. She's helped me navigate gargantuan leaps in responsibility and grow my leadership style as my teams have expanded. I've referred multiple people to her, including my wife. I count myself lucky to have her in my corner.


Nate Andrews

Vice President, Product


Robin is the ideal executive coach for me. After working for over 20 years as a manager and director at top tier law firms, I recently started my own company. Robin has helped ease my transition into the role of Founder and CEO. Working with Robin has been a rewarding and enriching experience. As opposed to dictating ideas, she actively engages using highly probative questions which facilitates my own realization of potential solutions. She provides the structure I need to focus. My personal and professional growth has been far greater and in a much shorter time period than I expected when we began our sessions.

Joy Murao

Founder & CEO

Practice Aligned Resources

Joy Murao

David Mellman


Walkersville, MD

David Mellman

I would highly recommend Robin for career insight, advice and executive coaching no matter what industry you practice in.  As a PhD, JD practicing in the Life Sciences, Robin provided invaluable advice and career counseling that assisted me in landing an exciting new role in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Without any background in the technical aspects of Pharmacology or Law, she easily grasped the work I do and helped me think through the options that were ahead of me.  Robin has the capacity to provide executive guidance because she herself has the executive experience to think through the nuanced aspects corporate life and point out issues that would not necessarily be apparent. Moreover, Robin was an absolute pleasure to work with.  I’m delighted that I met Robin, I am extremely pleased with the coaching she provided, 

Robin has been an invaluable resource, coach, mentor, support system, and motivator in my attempt to figure out what's next in my career. She took the time to legitimately get to know me and my goals and values. Robin held me accountable and pushed me into areas well beyond my comfort zone that helped me grow not only professionally but personally as well. I would immediately and enthusiastically recommend her for anyone looking for guidance and support in their own development!

Ian Schwartz

Principal Consultant

ETE Management

Ian Schwartz

As my coach, Robin has provided fantastic support and excellent work. It was a very seamless process to work with her from London via Video Conferencing. Her coaching was incredibly helpful. She absolutely boosted my confidence and I wouldn’t have gone this far without her services. Thank you, Robin!.

Penny Wamala

Accounting Manager

London, UK

Penny Wamala

Lawrence Serf

Founder &


Creative Circle

As an entrepreneur, I came to appreciate high caliber talent and Robin is the best! She was an extraordinarily valuable consultant. She’s not afraid to tackle the tough problems and her insight, analytical abilities, and feedback were some of the key factors in our company's rapid growth. She has a unique ability to blend a big-picture strategic perspective with practical ideas focused on how to get it done. I highly recommend Robin! In fact, she will be one of the first people I call when I start my next business venture!

Lawrence Serf

Robin is an extremely talented Human Resources & Organizational Development professional. She consulted with us for over two years (when I was the CHRO at Westfield) and I found her to have an amazing grasp of creative, innovative possibilities for organizational change and development. Robin can quickly build effective relationships throughout an organization to positively impact Human Resources strategy. Her candor and compassion make her a great coach. She has a significant ability to deliver concise, clear and emotionally intelligent guidance. Robin knows how to get results, build relationships, provide strategic insights and effect the bottom line.

Stan Duncan

Stan Duncan

Chief Human Resources


Raymond James

Rand Ferris

Rand Ferris


Sweet Lady Jane

Robin is one of the most talented leaders I have had the privilege to work with. She has a rare combination of business acumen, interpersonal skills and strategic perspective. She is able to combine those skills with high integrity and a direct yet approachable communication style in order to have the whole package. Her clients should consider themselves fortunate to work with her as a consultant or a coach.

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