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Curb the Turnover: How Clear & Consistent Expectations Build Trust and Resilience

Looking to build a hedge against turnover?

First step: Ensure your expectations are clear and consistent.

Edelman's research highlights the fact that being clear on what we expect helps employees develop resilient trust for their employer... a critical issue during the great resignation.

Clarifying expectations isn't just something you do when onboarding a new hire.

Let's ensure clarity at each of these touchpoints:
✔ When taking on a new project
✔ When team members are uncertain
✔ At key project milestones
✔ When job responsibilities change
✔ During periods of competing priorities
✔ When workloads increase
✔ During goal setting or goal review conversations
✔ When client deliverables are altered
✔ When there is disagreement or confusion
✔ When new systems, procedures, or policies are introduced
✔ In short, each and every time you have a one-on-one meeting.

As Brené Brown has so powerfully said, 'clear is kind'.

Let's be kind to our team members by being clear in what we expect. Help them to develop resiliency.

Need to develop your team's resiliency?


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