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Curious About Coaching? Here's How It Can Transform Your Life & Career

Are you working towards a promotion?

Looking to start a business?

Making a key decision?

Feeling stuck on an issue?

Or are you simply curious about what coaching is all about?

In the first session we’ll get acquainted, make sure there’s a fit, and explore what you might want to focus on. In the second session, we’ll move forward on the issue you identified.

There’s no catch and no pressure.

Coaching has been a thought-provoking and creative catalyst in my own life.

Time to share it with you!

My certification journey included 77 training hours, 14 tests (the last was 3 hours), 132 hours coaching others, and 13 hours of being coached. Whew!

Time to put all this effort to work!

I’ve been fortunate to have had a very successful career.

I am now enjoying a second career helping others achieve their goals.

Time to give back!

Athletes, dancers, musicians, and countless business people and executives have relied on coaching to help them improve their performance.

Time to let coaching help you!


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