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3 Life lessons from Shelby-the-wonder-dog

My 14-week old puppy, Shelby-the-wonder-dog (alternatively known as Shelby-the-demon-dog), is asleep on my lap (no small trick to type with arms akimbo so as not to wake her). Her stillness and calm belie the whirlwind in which I now live. My normally neat and organized home is strewn with crates, gates, toys, and the ever-present pee pad (which we’re working on eliminating - a humbling experience for someone used to being in control). I recently left an all-consuming, workaholic-inducing, ‘C’ level executive position and have started a coaching and consulting business (which I LOVE – but that’s another story). Shelby is part of my new work-from-home strategy. As she sleeps, I’ve been reflec

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