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The Great Resignation: How Childcare Support Can Stop Your Talent From Walking Out the Door

🔸Childcare support🔸 A benefit whose time has come!

In case you missed it, the latest statistics from the Labor Board indicate the number of employees quitting their jobs is increasing - 4.5 million in November.

Clearly, the Great Resignation continues!

There are many factors driving this situation, but one is the struggle parents are having with childcare.

4% fewer women with children 13 or younger were employed in September compared to pre-pandemic levels.

For fathers with young children, the decline was 1%.

Concerning? You bet.

If you’re interested in recruiting or retraining employees, consider implementing or increasing childcare benefits.

This can take many forms:

▶ Offering virtual programs or tutoring services for children to give parents a break

▶ Subsidizing traditional daycare or in-home care for employees’ children

▶ If you’re a large employer, consider setting up a daycare center onsite. Partner with other organizations close to you to share the burden and subsidize a portion for employees. Hint: there are daycare centers that will manage them for you!

▶ Offer ‘backup care’ by providing a set number of days where employees can receive stipends or subsidized help in seeking child-care or elder care when regular plans fall through (say the sitter was exposed to Covid).

▶ And of course, in jobs and industries where this is feasible, offer/maintain flexible work hours and remote work options. Flexibility is the key because colds, the need for COVID tests, and exposure to other children with COVID are unpredictable.

These are just a few ideas. What others have you heard about or seen that employees with children find helpful?

Bottom line – work with your HR team and your employees with children to brainstorm and explore options.

Be creative. Be supportive.

Your employees, and recruits(!!) will thank you!


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