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Morning Meltdown to Morning Motivation: How to Bounce Back From a Rough Start

Ever have one of those mornings? 🤯 I've been fighting the urge to crawl back into bed with a glass of wine.

For all the vintners out there, breakfast wine could be the next big thing!

A proposal I spent over 30 hours on was rejected because I submitted the wrong version (Arrggghhh!!), my car didn't start, I discovered a leaky faucet, and I found a possum camped out under my grill cover.

It's been quite the day... all before 9 am.

Oh, and then there's the 'oh so helpful' suggestion from someone who saw me engaged in the contest of wills with my car. He actually asked 'Where's the man of the house? He'll know what to do!' Seriously? 😤😤


So what am I doing now?

💻 Looking up how to get rid of a possum. Normally my tactic would be a full-frontal assault hoping she would cede her ground, but research, I realize, is prudent. I mean, do they bite?

😮‍💨 Deep breathing (with a few choice words between breaths). Call it 'aggravated breathing'.

✍🏼 Writing things I'm grateful for in a long-neglected journal. And now writing about things I'm not grateful for to you!

🎵 Listening to the original queen, Aretha Franklin. Sing it with me now. 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.'

😂Trying to laugh, because it feels so much better than the alternative.

Leaning into gratitude and breathing are things I often speak with clients about.

It's humbling when you're forced to follow your own advice. Damn it!

So now it's time for a walk with my dog on what really is a beautiful day (sorry for those of you caught in the winter storm! 🥶)

Sometimes the universe tries to test your beliefs. So far, no wine. So I guess I'm passing.


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