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"Made to Feel Alone": How One Question Can Spark Meaningful Conversations and Stronger Teams

🌟 Change moves at the speed of trust 🌟

I was struck by this idea as described by Jennifer Bailey, the co-founder of The People's Dinner.

Since 2017 they have sponsored pot luck dinners to over 10,000 divergent people in over 100 cities across the country during which they create a BRAVE SPACE to have conversations designed to bridge gaps in people's understanding of one another and their differences.

What a powerful idea! 💡💡

They don't ask questions about the differences themselves - race, religion, politics, etc. Here's what they do ask:

"Describe a time, recent or long past, when you were made to feel alone, isolated, or unwelcome."

I was struck by this question because it gets at something we can all relate to.

I certainly know what it's like to feel misunderstood and invisible. I bet you do too.

By all accounts, we will continue to experience isolation and division in 2022.

How can you create Brave Spaces within your teams, family, and friends?

How can we create conversations of trust that bridge the gaps we feel between ourselves and those we disagree with?


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