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Unlocking Client Breakthroughs: The Magic of Silence in Communication

Silence is magical. It has power. Why?

  • The only way to keep people engaged in a conversation is to keep them talking (how often have you drifted while listening?).

  • It shows respect and gives the other person space to let their thoughts unfold.

  • It can indicate you're thinking through what the other person said... that you're taking them, and their point of view, seriously.

  • It is useful to convey displeasure. When I was young and did something to disappoint my father, he would look me in the eye and not say a word - for what seemed like an eternity. The lesson carried far more weight than harsh words or discipline would have.

  • It is useful in a speech to grab the audience's attention. Silence immediately before an important point will bring all eyes back to you. Silence after an important point gives it a moment to sink in.

  • Silence is helpful in difficult conversations to give you a cooling off period before you respond.

  • In coaching, silence conveys that you trust the client to find their own way in figuring out their feelings or the best course of action.

This reminder was brought home recently (thank you, Steve Borek).

Although silence is not my forte, I'm working on it!

Silence is an underused communication tool.


When have you seen silence work?


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