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The 5-Minute Act of Kindness That Lasts a Lifetime: The Power of Impactful Feedback

Today I've been working on an online training program on delivering impactful feedback and I wanted to share one of the examples I'm including.

It was a LinkedIn message I received in 2016.

It arrived out of the blue many years after I had last worked with this person. It probably took her 5 min. to write, but it's had long-lasting significance.

I've thought about this message dozens of times in the years since I received it and every time I do, it quite literally brings me joy. It connects me to my purpose.

The point of this post is not the content of the message but the actions and intent of the person who sent it.

She was specific in describing what I did and connected my actions to the impact it had on her - best practices for delivering feedback, by the way. I've included the message so you can see how simple and easy it really is.

Who's made a difference in your life?

I bet they'd love to know it.

Reach out.

Bring them some joy today.

You'll feel pretty happy in delivering it as well.

Do you want to make a difference yourself?


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