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Rejection as Redirection: Embracing Your True Self for Greater Success

As Joseph Campbell said 'The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.' ✨

👉 Let’s stop trying to be all things to all people. That is surely the path to mediocrity.

👉 Let’s acknowledge that authenticity sometimes comes at a price. Your struggles today will shape the strengths you use tomorrow.

👉 Let’s not take it personally when we're rejected because we don’t 'fit' in a job, a company, or a relationship. When that happens we’ve been released from the burden of trying to change ourselves for others.

👉 Let’s identify the signs when we're not being ourselves (knot in the stomach? clenched jaw?) so we can deliberately choose how to respond next. Pay attention to your body; it always knows.

👉 Let's acknowledge and be kind to ourselves in all our moments of pain, brilliance, failure, and glory. Self-compassion is at the very heart of creating a robust, authentic, and meaningful life.

Want to know how to maximize the real you?


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