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"Never": The Shocking Truth About Employee-Manager Conversations During Mental Health Crisis

"We are facing a mental health tsunami," says Arthur C. Evans, Ph.D., CEO of the American Psychological Association, when describing the anxiety and depression that has resulted from the pandemic.

Even if this doesn't describe you, it likely describes someone you know or one of their family members.

And let's face it, these past two years have left all of us feeling disoriented and uncertain about the future at times.

As leaders, this is a critical moment. We can play a vital role in supporting the mental health of those we work with.

I recently interviewed a group of employees for a project I'm working on and asked how often they speak with their managers.

Their response: 'every day'.

Then I asked how often those conversations were about them as people, beyond the work. Their response: 'NEVER' (said in an animated and frustrated tone of voice). Really? I mean, wow!

✅ Suggestion: At least once a week, talk with your employees and coworkers on a personal level beyond work. Be open in sharing yourself, your stories, interests, what's going on in your family, and the challenges you're facing.

Ask about their families, their lives when not working, their frustrations, and whether they're able to shut off work and do things that are interesting or fun.

You can make a difference!


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