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Ditch "Constant Happiness": Embrace the Journey to Find Your Next Big Thing

I spoke with a friend this past weekend who told me she was striving for "continual happiness".

I was so struck by this. Is this something we should aspire to?

My vote? Oh hell, no!

Striving to be happy all the time is an impossible standard.

As soon as we get a whiff of joy, you know what will happen next. We'll spill red wine on our new white rug, our most valuable team member will resign, or our child will find the permanent markers (or in my case, the vaseline - yikes!). 😬

Moments where it all comes together and we genuinely feel a state of bliss are wonderful! ✨ These moments should be cherished as the fleeting and magical moments that they are.

But to strive for a continual state of bliss? As Meredith says, 'that's crap!' It is a sure road to depression and being continually unfulfilled.

It sets us up for failure before our first sip of morning coffee. ☕

As Jennifer Loudin says, "Feeling lost, adrift, stuck, bored, even despair is a normal, recurring AND VITAL part of a well-lived life."

Periods of unhappiness are where we find the fuel for change, growth, and forward momentum. Lean into these moments. Sit with them. Own them. Embrace them.

Listen to that voice inside of you, however small it may be. What is it trying to tell you?

Here's a brief activity to help:

🔸 What 5 words describe the story you're living now?

🔸 What 5 words describe the story you want to live?

As you consider the difference between the two lists, be curious. What's missing in your life or your career, right now? What's waiting for you around the corner? What needs to be abandoned or forgiven to free the energy you need to take the first step?

Growth is messy, hard, and often painful. To write the next chapter of your story, as the saying goes, embrace the suck. It will give you the freedom you need to find your next brilliant idea and your next glorious adventure!


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