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Bright Star Schools: Transforming Lives Through Education in Under-Resourced Communities

It's Giving Tuesday and many charities have had a particularly difficult time the past two years. Select a charity that is near and dear to your heart and consider giving even a small amount to show your support.

A non-profit important to me is Bright Star Schools. Bright Star has nine K-12 schools in culturally-rich but under-resourced communities of Los Angeles.

And their accomplishments are significant:

🌟 100% of Bright Star’s 2021 graduates met enrollment requirements for a California State or University of California school, compared to only 51% of California’s high school graduates (19-20 State Average, DataQuest).

🌟 79% of Bright Star’s 2021 graduates began classes at a 2 or 4-year college or university, compared to 46% of students who attended similar high schools nationally (National Student Clearinghouse, 2021).

🌟 During the pandemic they delivered over 500,000 meals to students, families, and community members. And they achieved 94% student attendance with 90% of HS students graduating in the midst of virtual learning!

81% of Bright Star 2020 high school graduates enrolled in college. This compares to 20% of 2020 graduates from high poverty schools nationwide, (a 33% decline from 2019).

Bright Star serves 3500 K-12 students on 9 campuses throughout Los Angeles's culturally-rich but under-resourced communities.

🌟 91% of Bright Star students qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches due to economic need.

🌟 22% are English language learners.

Distance learning has been a challenge, but Bright Star has risen to the challenge.

🌟 Average Daily Student Attendance during Distance Learning has been 94%

🌟 3500 Chromebooks were given to students.

🌟Over 300,000 meals were distributed to students and families.

Bright Star enables a Kindergarten to College vision prioritizing one-on-one counseling to support student dreams.

🌟 Bright Star has a 120:1 student to counselor ratio compared to 612:1 in CA and 430:1 nationwide.

🌟Bright Star graduates can receive up to 6 years of continued support while in college.

🌟Currently, 1,069 Bright Star graduates are receiving college support.

Congratulations Hrag Hamalian and the team at Bright Star Schools! So much to be proud of!


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