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Beyond Recognition: Actionable Strategies for Leaders to Empower and Unleash Team Potential

A leader is only as good as her/his team.

I was reminded of this when a prior co-worker recognized a few leaders who helped in his career.

While I appreciate the sentiment (Thanks, John), it's clear that successful leaders surround themselves with great people and then get out of their way:

  • people who have strengths & skills they lack;

  • people who are strong enough to offer differing perspectives;

  • people who are hungry to learn.

Leaders can help teams thrive via:

Make time for conversations.

When someone lobs a problem at you, ask questions. What are your options? What result do you want? What other information is needed? Who might help? In this way you teach others to solve their own problems.

When needed, point out mistakes, missed opportunities, and inappropriate behavior, but do so by focusing on the action or behavior, not by criticizing the person.

Once you establish the goal line, trust your team members to figure out how to get there.

Be open about mistakes you’ve made and what you’ve learned. Be willing to show vulnerability. By showing your humanity, you create a supportive environment.

Foster a workplace where people can be themselves, test their limits, and grow.

Then get out of their way!

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