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"Agreeing to Disagree" vs. True Understanding: When to Walk Away & When to Dig Deeper

Agreeing to disagree is a form of compromise.

You have my acceptance (sort of) but not my support.

When we agree to disagree we remain certain that the other person is wrong or that they're stubborn in clinging to their beliefs.

Instead of arguing we choose to leave them to their misguided and uninformed notions.

Compromise can be a form of avoiding; avoiding the deeper conversation needed to reach a place of genuine understanding.

Having the dialogue needed to move towards this understanding and fully accepting, even embracing, someone else's viewpoint can lead to new insights and a richer perspective of the issue.

When you make the decision not to engage in this dialogue, do so with intention.

Sometimes the issue is minor in the grand scheme of things and just not worth the time.

What we don't want to do is to avoid simply out of fear or laziness.

If we do, we're passing up a terrific opportunity to learn and grow.

How do you deal with disagreement?


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