• What is coaching?

A coach is someone who helps you focus on achieving what is important to you. You set the agenda. You determine the objective. What you want to accomplish through coaching is your decision. Coaches question, challenge, push and provide a catalyst for movement and change.

  • Why do people use a coach?

The reasons why someone seeks out or finds value in a coach varies quite a bit. Below are some of the most common reasons.

  • Change in direction

  • Move from thinking and talking about issues to resolving them

  • for improved communication

  • to identify more options and make good choices

  • to develop a strategy for career or business growth

  • to achieve greater recognition and career success

  • to experience increased fulfillment

  • to thrive during times of change

  • to have a sounding board to discuss issues & develop plans

  • to take action toward realizing a dream

  • to narrow the gap between where you are and where you want to be

  • to identify and explore the various paths that are available to you

  • to handle stress more effectively

  • for improved relationships

  • Are you a life coach?

At the core of all coaching is the desire to help others, but different types of coaches approach their work differently. My focus is on organizational leaders, professionals and business owners. This is a world I know well. In pursuit of client goals we may touch on all parts of their lives, including those outside of their work or business. In this way, the coaching we do is holistic and all encompassing.


If you have questions about whether I can help with your area of concern, give me a call and we can talk it through. If I'm not the right fit, I will happily refer you to others I know in the coaching community who might be better able to help you.

Questions about coaching?

Frequently asked questions & answers


  • Where does coaching take place?

Most coaching is done over the phone which keeps us focused on the dialogue and not on distractions. It has the added benefit of allowing us to work wherever you are and for this reason I have clients throughout the country. Face-to-face coaching is also available for clients in Los Angeles.

  • How often do you meet with clients?

We will have an initial 30-minute get-acquainted session to learn more about one another and ensure there is a good match between your goals and my approach to coaching. There is no charge for this initial session. If you want to continue with coaching after the first session, you can choose between two or three 40 to 50-minute coaching sessions per month, as well as e-mail and phone support between sessions as needed. These monthly sessions can be set up on a month-to-month, on-going basis for as long as you find them helpful, or for a specific period of time.

  • How long does coaching continue?

There is no ideal length of time for a coaching relationship, given goals, needs and situations differ. Clients may stay with their coaches for a few months, or for one or more years, on an on-going or periodic basis. 


  • Is coaching expensive?

The first 30-minute get-acquainted session is always free. This way, we can get to know one another, I learn about your goals, and you receive answers to any remaining questions you may have about coaching. We can ensure there is a good fit between your objectives and how I coach without making a financial commitment.


Beyond this initial call, coaching is an investment... an investment in your most precious resource, YOU! Many 'things' we buy may give us a moment of happiness (ok... sometimes two moments!) but they don't lead to long term fulfillment. Coaching can offer you the opportunity to grow, thrive and discover a long term feeling of contentment and success. Invest in yourself and work towards having the business, career and life you desire. 

  • How much do you charge for coaching?

Coaching fees depend on several variables and it's best to discuss them directly to see which option is best for you. Please contact me to schedule a time to discuss your needs and what pricing option might work best.

  • What happens if I change my mind after my first session?

If you're not pleased with the coaching after your first paid session, 100% of your fees will be refunded including your payment for that first session. This ensures zero risk to try it for at least one appointment. If you decide not to continue at or after the second or later sessions, all money paid for unused sessions will be refunded. My goal is to ensure you're satisfied with the outcome! Click here to reach me or to receive a pricing sheet.